About us

When the Kickopedia founders were not more than a few guys in the beginning of a side hustle everything felt like climbing a mountain. Questions like “What sells on Amazon? Is Ebay enough for me? How can I find a good and profitable product to flip? Will I lose money?” were raining in. Being a new reseller with a small budget means that every deal is a big risk.

Our Moto: Discover, Analyze, Flip


The number one step in the process of flipping a product online is discovering it. There are thousands and thousands of products everywhere, and each one is a lead. You, as a reseller, will need to narrow down your search. Experienced resellers eventually get to know certain products and intuitively recognize the good deals, however, that takes years to master, and even so, products evolve and there are always new opportunities that you can miss out on along the way. KickAnalytics will help you narrow this search down to the right brand, style, size and source in a matter of seconds.


After you discover the best potential deals, products you can resell online for a profit, it is time to analyze them. For those resellers that have a bit of experience, know what this means.

Guess what… KickAnalytics does that for you. Certainly, the human factor is essential, after all it is you who decides what product works for you and what doesn’t.


After you have decided that the potential deal is good for you, you simply click on the link of the retailer that offers the best price and purchase it on their website. All Kickopedia can do is wish you Good Luck!

With KickAnalytics the three steps are more trivial than ever.